Thursday, May 1, 2008

from LITTLE BODHI: A baby e-boutique for smart, hip, worldly babies with a conscience!

Toronto, Ontario, May 2008 Introducing LITTLE BODHI a new online baby boutique for discerning parents in search of exceptional, environmentally friendly, and well designed alternatives for their newborns.

bod-hi: (n. from verbal root budhi) to awaken, to understand, enlightenment, supreme knowledge.

LITTLE BODHI embodies a PURE, SIMPLE & FUN philosophy to parenting by offering organic and fair trade clothing, recycled diaper bags, non toxic wooden toys, and eclectic baby music. Carrying a range of carefully selected products from Australia, Canada, Peru, Sir Lanka, to name a few countries, this isn't your run of the mill cute baby store, this is enlightened shopping!


A new parent herself, owner Paola Pena brings a unique perspective to parenting. Daughter of Foreign Service workers, Paola grew up travelling the world living in countries like Bolivia, Malawi, Switzerland & Guatemala. Also a long time vegetarian by conviction, her concept combines a world vision with environmentally conscious thinking:

"It's about getting back to smart, thoughtful basics. There is no lack of cute, hip choices for parents today, and then there is carefully selected, conscientious shopping. In a world of too much choice, doesn't it feel good to provide our future generations with a better way?"

LITTLE BODHI aims to simplify the parenting experience by only offering quality, well designed must have baby essentials, because it's never too early to embody an enlightened attitude. For more please peruse

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bod-hi: (n. from verbal root bud-hi) to awaken, to understand: awakenment, enlightenment, supreme knowledge.