Free Birth Announcements

Welcome to LITTLE BODHI's free birth announcement service!

As a THANK YOU to new parents who registered for our Gift Registry, we'd like to provide you with our birth announcement service.

Share your happy news with friends and family in style. It's easy, register for our gift registry and when your little one arrives, pick from one of the designs below to be customized for you to send out electronically. It's original, environmentally friendly (if you choose to email, not print), and best of all - FREE!

How to Order

Ordering is simple - there are essentially 3 steps:

  1. Register at our Gift Registry. This makes you eligible for this service.
  2. Contact us once baby arrives so we can send you a form to fill out with your design choice (Design A or B, Boy, Girl, Multiples), a photo and birth details.
  3. Email, blog or print your customized announcement for friends to enjoy!
Design A Design B

Thank you for choosing LITTLE BODHI!

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