The essentials that make this enlightened baby:

At LITTLE BODHI we strive to offer the best by way of organic, fair-trade, and sustainable options. It's never too early to practice socially aware and environmentally conscious habits, and we hope your baby will get a head start  on embodying an enlightened attitude.

We believe in getting back to smart, thoughtful basics. We aim to simplify the parenting experience by providing essentials of superior quality and unique design for the discerning parent who does not compromise on style, but keeps things in perspective.

Nothing beats a healthy, happy baby and our selection of eco-friendly, lead free, keepsake quality toys are not only fun and delightfully creative, but  also environmentally & socially responsible so  you'll feel seriously good about giving them to your LITTLE BODHI! Speaking of fun, we just had to include our favourite picks of hip, funky & smart world & eclectic music. A  great gift for little as well as big ears.

Thank you for choosing LITTLE BODHI, we hope your shopping experience with us is a PURE SIMPLE, FUN one!

bod-hi: (n. from verbal root bud-hi) to awaken, to understand: awakenment, enlightenment, supreme knowledge.