Croc the Crocodile

Croc the Crocodile by Anamalz

Price: $6.99


Anamalz is the original and award winning toy designed in Australia and made from organic maple wood and textile products. This endearing environmentally friendly toy makes for a unique gift, story teller, and companion.

The hand-painted faces look left and right, up and down and stand in different poses inspiring hours of creative play. Each piece is individually branded by the natural grain of the wood and the touch of a craftsman. When you buy these delightful toy animals you are guaranteed a product manufactured to the highest European and US standards using renewable resources, non toxic glues and paints from Germany.

For every purchase of Anamalz, a percentage of your purchase gets donated to wildlife conservation organizations around the world, so go ahead, collect them all!

Anamalz is also a multiple Award Winning toy, awarded the highly recognized Canadian Toy Testing Council 3 Star Award for 2008; Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award; Parents' Choice Approved Award, to name a few awards.

Ages 3 and up.

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